We are a company that designs and produces leading - edge
research and development instruments. Utilizing the ultrahigh
vacuum and optics technologies, we aim to meet the needs of
clients with our flexible mindset and genuine skills.

We are located at Ota-ku in Tokyo,
where is known as a leading town of
manufacturing in Japan with the most
outstanding technology in the world.

With a high-density network of small-and-medium-sized enterprises specializing in ultrahigh vacuum and optics technologies, we promote the development of cutting edgetechnology and the expansion of new areas. We strive to provide comprehensive technology solutions in order to contribute to the development of industry in Japan.

Our main products including soft X-ray spectrometer and vacuum-ultraviolet spectrograph have become the essential elements for material detection by using light, photo-regulation, and precise processing.

Furthermore, we have also been designing and producing research and development instruments employing radiation in X-ray region and laser plasma as light source in the fields of physics, medicine, chemistry, and semiconductor. In order to make further contribution in these research areas, we pursue the qualitative improvement of radiation and high-coherency light, andwill conduct further development of ultrashort pulse/ high intensity laser technology.

And now, the instruments we created based on the knowhow gained over years are used for research and experiments by the laboratories of university, national research institutions and private sectors in Japan. A great number of academic articles have been published and delivered to the world.

In order to respond to the diverse needs of users, we strive for the development of best product in the limited condition, encourage the creation of new technologies, and expand our vision to a broad area of science and technology. We will continue to lead the modern technology using LIGHT in the future.

Business Lines

  • ・Vacuum-ultraviolet spectrograph
  • ・Manipulators
  • ・Flat-field grazing incidence spectrometer
  • ・Cryostats
  • ・Soft X-ray spectrograph
  • ・Optical instruments
  • ・Beam Line equipment for SR
  • ・Motion feedthroughs
  • ・Ultrahigh vacuum chamber
  • ・Ultrahigh vacuum equipment
  • ・Position monitors

Supporting member of

・Japanese Society for Synchrotron Radiation Research
・Spectroscopical Society of Japan
・Atomic Collision Research in Japan

Certificates of appreciation

  • Since our foundation, we have been designing and roducing various types of monitoring equipment for the adiation facilities in the country.
    Our achievement as a equipment supplier have been recognized and we received certificates from Hiroshima University, Osaka University Graduate School of Engineering Science, Ota City Industrial Promotion Organization, and Japanese Society for Synchrotron Radiation Research.