Vacuum and Optical Instruments is a cutting-edge company located at Ota-ku, Tokyo. Consult with us about manufacturing of vacuum components; design, produce and sales of Spectrograph, Vacuum Chamber, Diffraction Grating, Optical Instrument, Ultrahigh Vacuum Device, Linear Motion Feedthrough, and Cryostat.

Vacuum and Optical Instruments


Vacuum and Optical Instruments 2-18-18 Shimomaruko Ota-ku,Tokyo Japan 146-0092 TEL 03-3756-7082 FAX 03-3756-7036 access map
We are on the leading edge of modern technology using LIGHT. Click here for details

Instruments produced by Vacuum and Optical Instruments are used for experiment and research by laboratories of university, national research institutions and private sectors in Japan. We will continue to lead the modern technology using LIGHT in the future, aiming the further development of industry in Japan.